kin Dog Grooming Products

Seeing beautiful products (both in and out) for humans I was frustrated it was hard to find something similar for my dog.  Lassie (yes that is his real name) is now an elderly rough coat Collie and is so much more to us than just the family dog.  He is another member of our family that we have loved and cared for since a puppy, and he has loved us unconditionally in return - he is our kin. 

Unfortunately Lassie gets easily irritated, dry skin and the pet shampoos I was using on him only irritated this more.  I also suffered from hand dermatitis and was advised by skin specialists to limit the amount of soaps and cleaning products I was using around the home.  I changed the products we were using at home for the human family members and then began to wonder why I was still using all of these chemicals on our other family member, as a result - Kin pet shampoo was born.   

I strongly believe in using nature where possible which is why Kin pet shampoo is all natural as well as free from; sulphates, parabens, artificial dyes/colours, artificial fragrances, polyethylene glycols and mineral oils. Kin was developed to be an effective, gentle pet shampoo so we harnessed the best ingredients that we could, including some of our New Zealand natives.