Activex Recovery Medicated Spray (250ml)

Activex Recovery Medicated Spray (250ml)

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Activex Recovery medicated Anti Fungal Spray (Leave On) speeds up the relief from fungal infection symptoms and work actively to inhibit reproduction cycle of yeast / fungus and reduces bacterial infections on pets skin.

Step 02 Activex Recovery Medicated Spray. 

  • Leave on Spray which helps alleviate fungal skin infections.
  • Provides relief from itching.
  • Spray to local lesions, then liberally over the pet, especially hot spots, paws and ears immediately when still damp.
  • TO be used after Activex Recovery Shampoo as follow on treatment.

Directions for use:
Pay special attention to avoid spraying into eyes. Spray thoroughly through the coat. 
Special attention should also be given to chronic areas (hot spot), visible red patches and fungal spots on the body. Spray between the toes and also on the ear lobes. 

Active Ingredients:
Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Triazole <3% Total.

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