Dr Pets Natural Nanonized Silver - The Ultimate Bacteria Killer (50ml)

Dr Pets Natural Nanonized Silver - The Ultimate Bacteria Killer (50ml)

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Historical usage of silver silverware became popular almost 1,900 years ago for health reasons. The Romans discovered that silver helped heal burns, cuts and sores. Early American settlers often used silver dollar in milk to delay spoiling. During the plagues in Europe in early 19 century, wealthy families gave food to children & encouraged them to suck on the silver spoon, hence the saying: Born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

What is Nano Silver? 
Silver Nano-particles average 25nm(nanometers) in diameter, 25 Billionths of a meter or one 200 thousandth the size of a human hair [1 nanometer= 0.000 000 001 meter]. Although invisible to your eye, Nano silver adds immeasurably to your well-being.

Why Nano Silver? 
Silver appears to be powerful, natural antibiotic & preventative against infection. But only the surface silver which come into direct contact with the harmful microbes have the natural antibiotic propertied. Development of nanotechnology has enabled scientists to make full use of silver’s antibiotic properties. With its molecules broken down to Nano size, researchers have achieved a much larger active surface, and unlimited bactericidal power.

How Do Nano Silver Kills Bacteria? 
Nano Silver disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, Viruses & Fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. It killed over 650 different illness-causing organisms – bacteria, viruses and fungi. Nano Silver solution at the concentration between 10 to 22 ppm has been found to have no toxic effect on Probiotics. Silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic & preventative against infections.

Benefits of Dr Pet Nanonized Silver A Natural Pets
-Food Preservative
-Health Supplement 
-Enhances Pets’ Immune System                
-An Anti-Inflammatory Agent For All Kinds Of Pet                    
-Eliminate Bacteria, Viruses & Fungus in Pets  
-Promotes Pets’ Health Cells & Pets’ Tissue Regeneration 

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