Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima Cataract Eye Drop (10ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima Cataract Eye Drop (10ml)

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Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima Cataract Eye Drop is a natural remedy for cataracts in dogs. Cineraria Maritima eye drop is a natural, homeopathic solution that helps prevent further degeneration in cataracts.

Cineraria Maritima 5x: Cineraria acts as a safe lymphagogue, increasing circulation in the intraocular tissues, also stimulating collateral circulation and normal metabolism. Clinical observation indicates the definite value of local applications of Cineraria in checking, or even aborting existing cataracts.

The benefits attained are obviously more satisfactory when treatment is instituted in the early stage of cataract. In cases of advanced opacity, and where pathological changes caused by the deterioration of metabolic functions have occurred, as in senility, less favourable results can be expected.

The use of Cineraria is justified in certain cases well past the incipient stage when an operation is not contemplated or indicated. It gives comfort to the patient to know that something potentially beneficial is being done.

In certain cases Cineraria only gives temporary relief or serves to postpone the surgical removal.

Euphrasia 5x (Eyebright): is indicated for conjunctival and corneal edema. Symptoms include photophobia, redness, dryness, lachrymation and burning of the lid margin Euphrasia also helps treat the irritability associated with eye problems. Often referred to as a "tonic for the eyes.

Cineraria maritima, Glycerinum, Phenyl mercuric nitrate, Aqua distilled.

Suitable For
Dogs of all ages.

Instructions for use
2 drops 3 times daily.

Country Of Origin
Made in Germany.

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