Golden Eagle Holistic Health - Lacto Health (Probiotics)

Golden Eagle Holistic Health - Lacto Health (Probiotics)

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Unique EU approved multiple strain probiotic supplement LactoHealth™ is a nutritional supplement containing live bacteria, that attaches onto the walls of the digestive tract, collecting valuable fats and proteins for the body’s consumption. These fats and proteins are the keys for the growth and health of any animal. By increasing the promotion of healthy bacteria, animals overall health is increased, as well as cost of feeding is lowered through increased absorbtion. The word “probiotic” means “for life”. The use of probiotics for promotion of digestive balance is not a new concept. In the present world, with continuous increase of animals used as pets, has created new pressures for pets digestive balance. Specially poor quality food, fed to today's urbanised pets, creates such imbalances. This is further aggravated by the increased activity and stress, related to new activities. One thing which has not changed in the evolvution of these wild animals to pets, is the their digestive system. Probiotic is a product containing viable, lactid-acid-producing bacterial strains (primarily lactobacilli and e.faesium) which are administered orally, either alone or in feed, with the intent of establishing a favorable intestinal microflora. The concept behind administration of probiotics is nothing new. In his book, The Prolongation of Life, published in 1908, a Russian scientist named Metchnikoff, attributed the longevity of the population of Bulgarians to their consumption of large quantities of fermented milk products containing, what he identified as Bacillus bulgaricus. Later researchers identified the organism as Lactobcillus acidophilus. From this early theory, the modern day concept of probiotics has evolved.

Enterococcus faecium

The fact that E. Faecium is protected in LactoHealth™ by means of polysaccharide layers, allows it to pass through the stomach without affecting the acid pH. On reaching the intestine, it multiplies at a rapid rate (doubling in CFU every 20 minutes), and adheres to the intestine lining by means of a membrane which makes it possible for it to form the “biological barrier” that protects the body against disease causing germs.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Scientific studies have proven that acidophilus contains bacteria that have a mutual relationship with the stomach. These bacteria aids in breakdown of food molecules and in inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. People with digestive or bacterial problems or yeast infections find acidophilus quite useful. With the many uses of acidophilus, and with many people becoming aware of its benefits, demand for such helpful product will surely increase.

Ingredients: Enterococcus Faecium (DSM 10 663) , Lactobacillus Acidophilus (DSM 13 241), Maltodextrin, anticaking agent.

Nutritional Analysis: 1 billion CFU/g

Feeding: Half a tee spoon sprinkled on top of food

Storage: In cool and dry place. Not to be stored or used in temperatures over 45 C.


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